“Can you masturbate without lusting?”


In his book Sex, Men, and God, Doug Weiss says there are three types of men in the world (and, I assume, this goes for women, too):

1. Men who have never masturbated (Type A) – Weiss believes this group of men is the smallest camp of men in the Western world. After years of speaking at men’s conferences, he’s only met 14 men who claim to have never masturbated. In other cultures, Weiss adds, masturbation simply isn’t a cultural norm and is relatively uncommon.

2. Men who do not fantasize or lust during masturbation (Type B) – This type of person stays “connected” to himself during masturbation—they don’t escape into fantasy. For this person, the act is merely performing a bodily function. As such, there is little emotion attached to the experience, and typically no sense of guilt or shame.

3. Men who lust during masturbation (Type C) – These men are “disconnected” during the act of masturbation: their focus is on a mental image, an actual image, or an object.

As the article points out, these differences between Type B and Type C beliefs are essentially what creates most of the controversy around masturbation. A lot of the beliefs out there are that all masturbation is Type C, and therefore masturbation is bad.  But for those who adhere to Type B beliefs, as we do in this blog, masturbation is actually quite OK. We also believe it is possible for someone to go from Type C to Type B, and therefore eliminate sexual sin from their practice of masturbation, but as Weiss points out, this is quite rare.

Whichever school of thought one chooses to believe, masturbation is principally a practice for single people. Married people can and do use it, but their primary focus should be driven towards shared sexual intimacy.

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