Focus Adjustment

I’ve decided to refocus things a little, mainly because I want to be able to facilitate discussion on these issues. Even with my conservative evangelical and egalitarian background, I accept the Church has a long way to go in addressing damaging sexual culture that diminish and deny womens’ sexuality in particular. Discussion is good and it won’t be conformed to my viewpoint as long as it is respectful and doesn’t harm other readers or this blog. The blog also has a Facebook page but I have decided to open the WordPress comments system on the blog because it lets people be more open and honest if they can be more anonymous as WordPress (unlike Facebook) allows them to be.

I feel like this is a part of my ministry because if there is a difference in understanding, we can at least discuss it openly and honestly (I hope) and we can pray about our differences. And when you see the title of this blog, I put healing into that title because I believe I have gifts of healing, and I can pray for healing to occur in response to expressed views. So I don’t have to preach what I think should be happening. But naturally I will welcome discussion that shares my own understanding.

The blog is going to keep including new posts about this subject, and more of it, as I am going to spend more time blogging in future, since I have spent a bit of time lately searching to see what other similar content can be found, as well as honest, open discussion about these issues, some of it from a more secular perspective.

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