Masturbation For Christians 101 (Part G)

Sexual Affirmation

Like some of our other posts, this one is more about a specific theme rather than new revelation or content. As such we draw on concepts already explained and covered to some extent in the previous posts of this series, in order to address the particular theme.

Sexual affirmation is a concept that probably applies much more to women than men, primarily because women tend to have more body image problems impacting their sexuality, and because of the pressures our society puts upon them in relation to body image. It takes no time at all to understand these things can have an impact upon a woman’s personal sexuality in terms of self esteem and self image.

The concept for this theme is pretty simple, and that’s that a person’s sexuality can benefit and prosper if that person has a high level of satisfaction with their own body image. We live in a society where for various reasons, we can have a high level of dissatisfaction with the shape of our bodies. There are some improvements we can implement in relation to weight control and fitness, but for some issues we have to accept that the physical appearance of a part of our body is not something that can be easily addressed without cosmetic surgery. Rather than go to such extreme lengths it is certainly beneficial to our general self esteem / self image to accept the way we are made and this acceptance will have positive impacts on our sexuality as well.

Sexual affirmation in a Christian context, then, is affirming that our bodies are beautifully and wonderfully made and that we can therefore accept that this physical beauty translates into sexual beauty in the eyes of God. The affirmation recognises the sexual beauty associated with different body parts and that they are parts that we can actually use to increase our sexual pleasure during a time of masturbation. We may find that some of these areas are erogenous zones that increase our arousal by being touched and caressed, and undeniably these actions when associated with the right words of affirmation, particularly when these words are focused on thanking God for our bodies, sexuality and the gift of sex.

Practising such affirmation at a time of masturbation is therefore a great way of becoming more personally comfortable with and accepting of some of our physical appearance features of our bodies, especially the most visible parts, and enjoying sexual pleasure from touching and caressing these physical features, while affirming this sexual pleasure and the value, worth and esteem that God puts on our physical bodies and that He created and holds in high esteem all of these personal features, is a great way of focusing on what is important in our lives to give us a healthy sexuality that will bless the rest of our lives greatly.

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