Recap – 2019/03

We feel now the Masturbation 101 series is over and it’s time to focus on more things to do with sex and sexuality in general. To that end, we will just recap on where the blog has been going since we started it six months ago. At that time, masturbation was the primary focus, and it is still very important, because masturbation has been such a grey area in the evangelical Church for a long long time, and significant numbers of Christians masturbate but feel they have to keep their practice secret or hidden away because of the stigmatisation of it in conservative theological circles.  Our approach to masturbation could best be summarised along the following lines:

  • Sex organs are body parts that are primarily intended for sexual stimulation and pleasure. This includes the parts that have dual roles related to procreation, because these uses are secondary.
  • These organs belong to the person whose body they are attached to and no-one else.
  • Since they do belong to the owner of the attached body, that owner can use them for whatever purpose they please. They can choose to share them with a matrimonial partner, or make use of them whilst single or alone.

Obviously all of the above is subject to the overriding consideration that all acts involving sex organs, like all human activities carried out by God’s people, must be carried out as an act of worship (for a godly purpose).

The problem for the Church at large is that much of our thinking on sexuality is derived from very conservative theology that often has a very limited concept of it. For example the ideas exist that sex is solely for the purpose of procreation, or that women do not have sexual desires at all and are solely created to be sexual playthings for their husbands. Singleness was also frowned upon and often stigmatised in churches. Most of these beliefs have no basis in fact within the Bible, and conservative teachers often quote general scriptures relating to sexual immorality without being able to show that they apply to these particular situations.

In this blog so far we have sought to show that masturbation is normal, harmless, healthy and even desirable for godly men and women to partake of in their ordinary daily lives. It will, of course, be a personal conviction of each believer by the Holy Spirit as to how to apply the concepts, particularly those outlined in the Masturbation 101 series, to their own situations. Our desire is to see Christians freed from false guilt and shame regarding their personal use of masturbation. We have particularly focused on ministering through intercessions to those who feel the need to masturbate several times per day (which can itself be healthy as long as there is no sin involved; as a rule of thumb, more than four times could be considered addictive). Obviously, people who are in this type of situation will struggle more than those who are able to get by with a frequency of several times per week, or several times per month.

The change in focus doesn’t mean we no longer see a need to address the issue of masturbation; far from it. But we now want to move on and address other relevant topics of Christian sexuality.

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